Housing Report for Visa

Housing Report for Visa

Housing Report for Visa

If you want to bring your spouse, civil partners, fiancé, children, parents, grandparents and other dependents relatives, you have to demonstrate that your house will not be overcrowded when the applicant will join you in the UK.

The UKVI has issued an information guide which stated that a property inspection report is required for all Entry Clearance Visa & Settlement applications. These include applications for:

  • Spouses and civil partners;
  • Fiancé (e)s and proposed civil partner;
  • Children;
  • Parents, grandparents and other dependent relatives.

The accommodation inspection will involve our surveyor assessing that the property:

1) Is free from Category 1 and 2 Hazards under the Housing Act 2004.

2) Is in a reasonable state of repair.

3) Is not statutorily overcrowded under the Housing Act 1985, Part X and shall have sufficient space to accommodate both the current occupiers and the applicant.

4) Is free from conditions that may present a public health nuisance.

Our experienced and qualified property inspection team will physically visit the property and they can provide you with a Housing Report for Visa within 2 working days. We can provide the Housing Report for Visa within 24 hour in emergency case at an additional cost.

Our expert property inspectors are ready to provide Housing Report for Visa in every corner of the UK, Please call us on 07912351329 or our office number on 0203 648 5561 and for additional information, please complete an online form here.


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